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so about a month ago I received the "gold" on black pbt caps

after about a month of moderate use, the lettering on the wasd keys is already fading, which i am quite frustrated about. i was pretty anal about keeping my hands clean before using the kb everytime and using the plastic cover from my filco when the kb wasnt in use

just wondering if anyone that had bought the "grey" on white pbt caps have shared the same issue?

i thought i had read somewhere that they were done differently

looks like i might have to look into the engraved caps, too bad the white ones are all gone. anyone wanna sell me a set?:P

Black keycaps are usually pad printed, which is less durable. It's likely the white ones are either lasered or dye subbed, both of which often last longer.

It's possible the black are infilled lasered keycaps, but those also exhibit wear fairly quickly.

How would clear nail varnish work on the infilled laser keys?

Should totally put that inside the lasered bit, the filling certainly wouldn't come out then.

ah ok, thanks for the info

guess the "grey" on white keycaps were lasered then. need to pick up a set when imsto restocks them

Yeah, after a couple months of pretty heavy use there is no visible wear on the grey/white keys at all. They're a bit dirty looking, though.


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