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does any one know where to get white keycaps with Grey big caps? the classic style

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So i've been looking for a set of 104 keycaps pbt white, I know KBC does offer it however they don't have the classic look. Their white is too bright and too modern for my taste, would like to have something like the model M key colors (white + grey) but on a black full sized keyboard.

I'd greattly appreciate if someone can help me out ha


What type of board? Given that you mention KBC, I assume you're looking for Cherry compatible caps?

If that is the case, your best bet would be to get an older Cherry G81 with the correct layout. Possibly they would even be double shots, possibly lasered. I'm not aware of any dye sublimation keycaps from Cherry, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. I recommend the G81 over the G81 simply because they tend to be less expensive, which is, I assume, preferably in a keyboard you're going to strip the caps from. The older ones have the vintage two tone look you describe.

If it's ALPS, a Dell would be a good donor. For Topre, at least the main block, you can snag the HHKB white set from Elite Keyboards. For Buckling spring, there's Unicomp.

Also, maybe you should move this thread to the keycap subforum.

hey man, that's perfect!!! it's really All i need to know ha

btw, the keycaps from unicomp, what type of material are they? i didnt see any of them on their store online.

also which type they have available?

They are dye sublimated PBT keycaps, only for buckling spring keyboards, and you have to call to order them. I think a full set of white is $10-15, APL keys are $20, I think. There are also the grey sparkly ones, which are only available as 1 piece keys. I believe both the standard white and the APL keys are available in either 1 piece or 2 piece.

thx so much for the information, and one last thing lolll ,what's APL keys? are they a kind of material like pbt, pom? and if so how are they compared to pbt, pom?


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