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This Subforum Needs "All About Keys" and "Key Reference" Wikis as Stickies

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Input Nirvana:
I just made a post about having a wiki source for keycaps that is easy to find/see.

Input Nirvana:
1- Yes, definitely.

2- Noted, makes sense.

I second the need to sticky those.  Or even adding them to the dropdown of the wiki nav itself.

Either way, the problem is there... they are hard to find if you don't know where to look.  And the info there is asked VERY frequently.

Abso-****ing-lutely. Having a keycaps section in the www shopping would be super fantastic too. There is so much good information here, unfortunate it is not always best organized to be found easily.

Or we can just bump this thread every few hours... a redneck sticky.


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