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What's The Warranty Period On Filco's ?

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Little bit of an old thread - like 2 years old :eek:

OP hasn't logged in for about 6 months, and hasn't posted for nearly 9 months.

An update, or a old news. I feel obliged to key-in the following info as this page is among the first few pages that I hit through Google.

Flico, the manufacturer, does not handle warranty claims for products that they ship overseas. How on earth should they revoke all pieces of warranty!


Here goes THE QUOTE:

--- Quote ---Warranty is valid only when the product is purchased and used in Japan.
If the product is brought outside of Japan, it will void your warranty including paid repairs and after sales service.
When the product is purchased outside Japan via international FILCO authorized distributors or sellers, warranty will be subject to the terms of the local seller.
Paid repairs and after sales service are also responsibility of the local seller.
--- End quote ---

-- From someone who got the 150USD Flico Bluetooth keyboard just go dark within 4-month of purchase. Amazon offered a full refund, thankfully.

PS: In my mother tongue, this is called "甩锅". Please append with English idiom which means: pushing off one's own responsibility to someone who is innocent.

Haha, I am Chinese so I understand what you're trying to say but warranty are most handled by the vender in the UK but the good thing is you don't have to deal some manufacturer's awful service if you brought from somewhere reputable. By the way actually Filco(diatec) is the sole distributor of many keyboards in Japan so they handle other brand's repair there.


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