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imsto also offers proxying. I was in a meeting and I will make these changes now.

I don't have a thread for it but I do modding/assembly for Canadians who don't want to ship to America (so I've had very few customers ^_^)

I have changed WFD to show the following

Backlogged WhiteFireDragon -

I had contacted him a few days ago and he had told me that he has a lot of orders he is currently fulfilling.
If anyone else would like a status indicator please let me know...

Sifo.. Added.

Nice list domoaligato. Thank you for creating this.


--- Quote from: mashby on Wed, 17 July 2013, 13:37:45 ---Nice list domoaligato. Thank you for creating this.

--- End quote ---

Thanks! I need to find someone to smd solder my Frosty Flake from bpiphany and I realized that a thread like this doesn't exist. that is why we have so many threads from members asking who offers services like this all the time.

hopefully this will help lower the amount of threads opened asking who does what.


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