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Hi guys, this is my first post here and I come bearing news. I received the following email from Bruce at The Keyboard Company (

"I just wanted to let you know that we have now done a deal with Filco to be their European Distributor.
We've had samples and we are all very impressed with the quality.
We'll have a few USA models in 2 weeks, to get the wheels moving, and then full size 105 UK models in 2 months. That's Black, Brown and Blue switched varieties.
The tenkeyless we will only have in USA layout for the time being."

So soon it will be possible to buy Filco boards in the UK, and with a UK layout as well :)



Damn, I had just bought mine from the US a few weeks ago. Probably could have saved a load on shipping if I had been able to get it from the UK.

That site is probably going to do a lot of business around here, a lot of European geekhack members want Filcos but have been reluctant to have one imported from America.

It would also be cool if they started doing Topre keyboards as well.

Their site seems interesting, and they do have quite some keyboards on there. The only thing missing for geekhackers is the original product information.

For example, they have a "Superior gold contact, click action keyboard, beige" (seen at According to the search I did it is made by Cherry and their product id "KBC-803000" would make it seem that it is a G80-3000. Still, the product info page doesn't explicitly state it...

Of course I'm just nit-picking there, having a shop with Filco's in Europe is still a great thing.

I do agree that their site could probably use some tweaking, although they are very responsive via email and very quickly answered any of my questions.

For anybody that's interested the 'Superior gold contact, click action keyboard' is indeed a Cherry G80-3000 with blue switches. It was my first mechanical keyboard :)

This couldn't have come at a better time.
I desperately want a tenkeyless filco but either having to pay shipping costs of 80$ or going through all the trouble with customs scared me away from importing from elitekeyboards.
Now if only there was a standard model with blank keys, it would be perfect.


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