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The Filco has landed!

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I had a call from TNT today and our first shipment of goodies from Diatec is on the ground in the UK.
Customs took a day longer than normal - Marvelling at the quality no doubt - but I am expecting the delivery tomorrow morning.

As soon as we've checked all is in order the product will go live on for ordering. As it's a small shipment this will give you guys a head start on anyone else. I have reserved some keyboards for Geekhack members so I will be getting in touch with those people.

I'll post again tomorrow to confirm the arrival.

Great news!! Just to be sure: Which Filco models did you order / do you get tomorrow? :)

Hi Laxer..

There's a full list in the previous thread.
Tomorrow, when it's all checked in, i'll confirm again.
We've got a new URL specifically for all things Filco, but I can't remember it right now. Dohh!
Will post that up tomorrow as well.

Thanks for the info and the links, Bruce! Can you already say something about the shipping costs to Germany?

I just ran a Cherry MX3000 through our shopping cart with carriage to Germany on Royal Mail 3-5 day service. It came out at 13.29. That's a little over €15.
It shouldn't be a lot more than that. Although I don't know the exact, Gross weight yet and it can jump a little at 2KG. The Cherry is 1.78KG.


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