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FKBN87Z/EB-Y arrived in DE

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Ordered the aforementioned Keyboard exactly one week ago from  Total price was about 72 including VAT and shipping costs (Royal mail).  Everything went smooth.

Included is USB->PS/2 adapter and a red Escape key saying "Esc" as well as one saying "Filco".  Oh, and the typical thin clear plastic cover and the velcro-ish cable strip if you mind.

Easily excited people might wish for some more information about the status of their order.  I got one automatic order-confirmation email immediately and one with the invoice yesterday.  No tracking information for Royal mail deliveries it seems.

This is the "blemished" FKBN87Z/EB-Y with "white XM" ALPS style switches.  The only blemish I can see is that it obviously has been opened up by someone, there are some minor scratches on the lower case where the tabs must be located that hold it together.  They are only visible when turning it upside down.  I can see absolutely NO blemish on the top.

Will say more about what I think of the switches somewhere else.  I can fully recommend The Keyboard Company.  The Filco Tenkeyless is probably the coolest Keyboard in existence today.  Small as can be, no numpad, black(!), red Esc included and available with many different fine mechanical switches.  The Z/EB-Y (zabby?) is dirt cheap in comparison to anything else.


--- Quote from: ripster;114768 ---Aren't those Red Esc keys for Cherry keys?  Or have they expanded their market to those lowly ALPS?
--- End quote ---

The latter it seems.


--- Quote from: webwit;114754 ---I got a couple of these from Elitekeyboards for modding, [...]
--- End quote ---

Hey webwit, what's the plan?

When this company provides the black cherry tenkeyless filco, I'm immediately ordering one. Though I'm getting it from US if it takes too long.

Mmh, I'd love to put some decent ALPS in it, too.  Problem is lack of time and skills and I have only one board with nearly unused blue ALPS and hesitate destroying it and probably the Filco as well as the switches in the process :)


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