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[GB] Valentine with Pink on Pink Dye-Sublimation



We are lucky enough to work with a new up and coming company called MOD Keyboards. MOD Keyboards is working on providing high quality keysets through BSP, GMK, EnjoyPBT, and others. They will also produce their own high quality keysets that should be coming out fairly soon. We are collaborating with them on new legends.
They are providing us with 2 sets that they have purchased 6 months ago, and they will be readily available in late June to early July (around the same time as the GMK Cyan's arrival). These 2 sets are a limited run, and they will never be produced again.
Layout A and B are identical in the amount of keys. Layout A includes Pink Modifiers while B includes white modifiers with a few pink accents.

Both renders can be found here,

Details and Pricing:

Group Buy is limited to 50 / set only

Price: $103 (Includes a 3% fee)
ETA Shipping Date: July 15, 2016
ETA Shipping costs: Varies depending on location
Profile: Cherry
Type: PBT
Process: Dye-Sublimation
Number of Keys: 165

The Group Buy ends on June 17, 2016.

Purchase Link:



These are shipping to us in about 8-10 hours (from Hong Kong). I'm hoping we can receive it this week, and we'll ship them to you as soon as we receive them.


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