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Spherical Keycaps for CM Storm Quickfire Rapid

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Hey all,

I just ordered my first mechanical keyboard and am looking for spherical keycaps for the thing.

The Filco Double Shot keycaps look great, but it seems the stabilizers mean it's only compatible with Filco keyboards, is that true, or just marketing BS?

The Modern Selectric and DSA Dolch keycaps look fantastic, but a bit pricier I've noticed.

Any recommendations for basic coloured spherical keycaps would be fantastic :)


Welcome to Geekhack!

I have a QFR and a QFS, and I've had all sorts of keycaps on there, including SA and DSA (both of which are spherical).

QFR has Costar stabilisers which includes little plastic clips inserted into the underneath of the larger modifier keys and then hooked over a short metal bar on the PCB.  This arrangement is very tolerant of slight irregularities in keycap manufactuer.

What switches have you got?

If they are lighter switches e.g. MX blue/red/brown, then I'd say SA profile keycaps would be too heavy.  There's a lot of plastic in those keycaps.

DSA, however, would be fine on any switch.


I'm getting myself brown switches. The keyboard will mostly be used for a lot lot lot of typing and I'm really just a big fan of spherical keycaps.

So you reckon DSA would be the way to go?

Some would say that SA keycaps would be too heavy on MX browns.

I've tried them on MX blues and they just feel way too heavy.

DSA is much lighter, as there's a lot less plastic.

Depends on whether you wanted sculpted keycaps or uniform profile.  DSA is only uniform profile, but you can get SA either uniform (usually R3) or sculpted.  Personally I prefer uniform SA, but of course that's subjective.

I haven't heard the uniform vs sculpted term before, what does that refer to?

And from what you've said, DSA Dolch seems like a good way to go for what I'm looking for... Guess it's time to start saving haha

Thanks for your help!


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