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[IC]GMK Dark Sky (keyboard render update)

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GMK Dark Sky

hello! i'm bring some idea of keycap set what i dream for!
recently i saw Terminal and Forge then i wonder how about make keycap set using TU2 color?
so i bring on Dark Sky i got some idea sky dolch + ocean dolch but my Dark sky is more darker than them

Produced by GMK in Germany
Cherry sculpted profile (1-2-3-4-4)
Compatible with MX stem keycaps
Can cover variety layout

TU2(Cian Legends, Base at accent keys)
CR(Black Base and modifier, Legend at accent keys)

Base Kit render
old ver base
2017 sep 30 update
new ver base

add on

i hope for everyone interested
and i have a plan extra keys like spacebar kit, VIMs, if i can make novelties
plz give some  opinion on this keycap!

modi will be change to icon modi

working for keyboard on render XD
i hope show new render soon!

update 2017-09-09

here is GMK dark sky keyboard render
it has icon modi so it will be change base render either soon to icon modi

now i'm preparing novelty designs
but still i can't found where to start i need some times
well i hope this render looks good to you!

still working!
update 2017-sep-30 new render of base and add on kit

modi will be change to icon modi

Spicy. I like it

how nice!

When do you expect the demand survey?
I really want it.

i likie

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--- Quote from: cdg7736 on Wed, 16 August 2017, 20:34:36 ---how nice!

When do you expect the demand survey?
I really want it.

--- End quote ---
well now it is start ha ha:)
i want to do this at mass drop but i can't be sure about that


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