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Cheapest place to find monitors?

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--- Quote from: ClaireAyers on Sat, 11 June 2022, 18:47:29 ---There are a lot of monitors with different parameters on the market now. It is best to buy your monitor from an official distributor because they will give you at least a year's warranty. You'll also be able to buy extra insurance for a couple of years.

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Or just go to the local recycling facility and find whatever number of whatever you need for dirt cheap and bring it back to the recycler if you need to replace it. lol.  I pick up nice monitors at my local recycler for $30 each all of the time. They usually don't have stands, which is a win/win for me since arm mounts are better anyway.

Most recently, I got 3 identical 1920x1080 optical touch ViewSonic monitors. Maybe 21-23 inch screens. I have no use for touch, but that's all they had 3 of. $30 each.


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