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[GB] GMK Gregory (Dec 10th - Jan 18th) Final Numbers Posted

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chamelemon_64 and pancake presentGMK GREGORY

The wait is finally over, and we are producing this set! It has been 8 long months since our IC went up but we are finally ready to get this show on the road.
We’re excited to bring this set to life and deliver Greg to all of his adoring fans around the world!
The set will run from December 10th - January 18th and is expected to ship in Q4 2021.

NA: TX KeyboardsOCE: Daily ClackSEA: monokeiEU: mykeyboard.euCAN: ApexKeyboardsCN: zFrontierKR: Swagkey

Price Breakdown
TX Keyboards    Daily Clack    monokei    zFrontier (CN)    zFrontier (Intl)ApexKeyboards    SwagkeyBase$134.99$182 AUD€135.00 $185 SGD¥968$160 *includes intl ship    $175 CAD150,000 KRWNovelties$54.99$74 AUD€54.99$80 SGD¥375$60$85 CAD62,000 KRWSpacebars    $34.99$47 AUD€34.99$50 SGD¥236$38.75$55 CAD38,000 KRWBoY$59.99$81 AUD€61.00$85 SGD¥422$66$95 CAD67,000 KRW

Kits Offered
Black on Yellow

CompatibilityCompatible with most 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, 96-key, 1800, CP, and full-size keyboards with support for ANSI, ISO, Tsangan/WKL, HHKB, F13, and more.
ColorsCV, CR, WS1, N9, 3C, N5, RO2

Keyboard Renders
TGR Jane v2

Monokei Kei

King Pika Works Cucumber

Finder Works En Dash

Artisan Collabs
We are lucky to have teamed up with some very talented artisans for this keyset! Keep an eye on the following makers to be notified when they make their Greg-inspired caps available.
Artisan sales will be run at the discretion of each individual maker.
Hello Caps
Sodie Caps
Alpha Keycaps
Krap Keys


ne deskmat avail?༼ʘ̚ل͜ʘ̚༽
ne cable collab avail?༼ʘ̚ل͜ʘ̚༽

Contact me at Chamelemon_64#0034 on Discord

Special thanks to
Nephlock for making awesome noveltiesKingk22 for our rendersAll our amazing vendorsMy gamer friends and everyone in pancake's server for supporting this set since its inceptionAll our incredibly talented artisan friends for agreeing to collaborate with usAll of Greg's fans who have waited so long for this gb, we are glad to be able to say at least one good thing happened in 2020Tikka for helping me write this postAnd of course, Greg himself
P.S This set goes live on Pancake's bday so make sure you show him some love!

rip kelly
Rep Greg Gang with this banner!

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i beg for greg

I beg for Greg

I begory for Gregory.


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