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[IC] ePBT Lucky Cat 🐱🐈 | New manu, new renders, new novelties, new kitting

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ePBT Lucky Cat is based on the maneki neko (beckoning cat) figurine waving you good fortune.
The colors are inspired by the figurine. The novelties are inspired by items that represent wealth and good luck.

I am looking forward to your feedback and would appreciate it if you could fill out the IC-Form!
Interest Check Form (Updated)

Discord for Updates

Subject to change. Renders are not a perfect representation of the final product.

Base Kit:


Novelties meaning in order:
Daruma cat - just a combination of a daruma and a cat
Gourd - longetivity
Kaban coin - coin that the figurine holds
5 Yen coin - object of luck in love

Omamori - good luck charm
Origami crane - if you make 1000 then a wish will come true

Fan - luck with business
Koi fish - good fortune, prosperity, and success
Fat cat - just a fat version of the figurine
ISO cat - figurine of the cat

Gourd - longetivity
Daruma doll - symbol of perseverance and good luck

Kaban coin - coin that the figurine holds
5 Yen coin - object of luck in love
大吉/Dai-kiti - lots of luck
幸福/Kofuku - happiness

福/Fu - blessings or good fortune
祝福/Zhufu - blessings

While lucky cat originated from Japan, it is also heavily used in Chinese culture. I wanted to celebrate both cultures by providing Cangjie and Hiragana alternative alphas kit.

Alt Alphas Cangjie Kit:

Alt Alphas Hiragana Kit:

Spacebar Kit:

40's Kit:

Numpad Kit:


Iron165 by Smith + Rune


M60a by RAMA


TGR Jane v2 by yuktsi


Fuji65 by Freather


Ganbare (頑張れ)Do your best!
Faito (ファイト)Fighting!


US: Mekibo
CA: AlphaKeys
EU: Mykeyboard
UK: [proto[Typist]
Asia: Kbdfans
SEA: iLumkb
OCE: DailyClack

Collabs (WIP)
If you're interested in working together, please shoot me a message on Discord (Tom#0513)!

To do list:
-Kitting changes
-Announce GB date
-More renders

If you want to support my project, please share it and use the signature below! Thank you for your support!

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Special Thanks

My girlfriend for putting up with me during the whole project
Swishy for all the times I've personally bothered him
Marshmellohs, Jennisaurus, and LP for hearing me complain
Ghost for being there since the start of this project
Kingk22 for the original renders
Skok for the new renders
Acitrin for kitting help
Chris (unaffiliated) for animation help
SpikedSynapse for touching up on the novelties
YOU for taking the time to read my first IC!



* Uploaded deskmat

* Fixed deskmat render
* Added proposed changes section
* Proposing two new yellow mods and new novelty designs

* Updated base kit (40s support and Hiragana sublegends)
* Updated novelties
* Updated spacebar kit
* Changed mods color based on suggestions, will still be continuing the search for gold
* Removed "Proposed Changes" and added "Previous Iterations" section

* Changed manu from GMK to ePBT
* New renders by Skok

WAOOOO LOVE IT :D cant wait to buy <3

Please consider making split bars white!

So happy to finally see this in IC! Looks great and GLWIC fren


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