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[IC] ePBT Sidewalk Chalk

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Move r1 Delete from numpad kit to base kit. It's used for 65%/75% boards so having it in the numpad kit doesn't make much sense.

Consider adding basic ISO support in base kit. No need for full UK ISO, just Enter, 1.25u Shift, r3 \| and r4<>.


love the colors, any chance for a kit with hangul sublegends?

This set looks like my wardrobe - I love it.

the pastel blue on warm white for the alphas hits just right.
eager to see this one come to fruition, glwic!

glwic :)

I really like this set! idk about others but I think the arrows should be diff colors. i see the intent is to have each row a diff chalk color but there is a lot of blue already


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