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[IC] ePBT Sidewalk Chalk

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Not a color combo for me but I do like the whimsical nature. Name of the set and the colorway are a great match. I'm sure there is an audience for this set. GLWIC!

Love it

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--- Quote from: surplusofchairs on Mon, 21 June 2021, 19:55:04 ---glwic :)

I really like this set! idk about others but I think the arrows should be diff colors. i see the intent is to have each row a diff chalk color but there is a lot of blue already

--- End quote ---

That's such a good idea. I think having one colour for each arrow would look good

now this is good. refreshing to see such sets.

I have a 65% with the same layout as a Drop ALT and I don't see any "DEL" key in the base kit for R1.

If I can get that then I'm down for buying a set.


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