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[IC]Arqtisan Box - Boxes arrived - QC starting NOW! (12/07/22)

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GB Link
GB Live 10/01/22 - 11/05/22
GB post is pending


Top and Bottom

Front View and Side view

Older Proto Pic


Update 11/30/22

Production Done and in route to me!

Update 11/21/22

Machining done
Waiting anodizing if everything goes well it ships by the end of the week.
Rubber feet arrived
Im going to order the packaging material now.

Next update when I get tracking.

Update 11/09/22

GB Period over
Invoiced Paid
ETA for Manu completion Nov 26th
Next update when machining is done

Thank you everyone!

Update 10/06/22

GB is live

Update 09/14/22
Hi everyone!
First of all I want to thanked everyone who has supported this project so far. Now lets talk updates.
- Raw material is secured and there wont be a increase in price.
- Stands for the case have arrived.
- Added the total weight of the case for anyone that was wondering and its heavy boi
- I have also decided that there wont be a logo in the top pc maybe in the bottom but probably not
- Currently working on the website. Should be done by the end of the week.
- Pending New photoshoot with stand
- Target GB date 10/01/22.
Sale format is going to be FCFS at MOQ 50.

if you have any other feedback please let me know 

Revisions and Idea

The main idea for the project was to learn fusion360, but also to make an artisan case that I personally like.
Many artisan cases rely on magnets to hold the cover on top and I just didnt like that. So this is my approach. My first Idea was to make a case with a rail system, but it became too complicated and it was way to expensive. (shoutout to rmendis because he was able to make it!)

The idea was to make a somewhat gasket mount system to prevent from the acrylic to hit the alu, but after making the first prototype I realized that It wasnt necesary

Explored view of V1

V1.1 and current: I removed the gasket and added feet.


* Alu 6061
* Weight: 2.6lb or 1.1kg
* CNC Acrylic Top
* Bead Blasting 150#
* Rubber Feet
* 7x7 Artisan Box
* 19cm x 19cm x 3.1cm
* Max artisan height: 19.85mm
* 19cm x 19cm x 3.1cm
* Lead Time 3 months

Price (8/05/22)

MOQ 50 will cost $160 per unit.

This new quote was just gave it to me yesterday. They also told me the there was a price drop in terms of raw material which is good! Im pretty happy with this price. Let me know what you guys think

Colors and Logo





Free Stand

After some feedback about the stand. Ill be able to source it from china at no extra cost! This is the same stand that I used for the previous picture. I need to do some testing to see whats the max angle but easy could do up to 45 degrees

[*]To Mr. Bingo for doing the renders
[*]To Digidier and Pensa73 for helping me with fusion360
[*]To VatoDeHarina, Annie, Luis(latamkeys) and many more


That was it for today and thank you for reading!


How does someone pick this up? The majority of the grippable edge is the acrylic cover, but that doesn't seem to be attached to the base in any way.


--- Quote from: o3okevin on Wed, 03 August 2022, 22:15:48 ---How does someone pick this up? The majority of the grippable edge is the acrylic cover, but that doesn't seem to be attached to the base in any way.

--- End quote ---

Well you just grabbed from the bottom. Unless you put it 90 degree the cover doesn't fall. I have a picture where I put it in a stand and it works just fine. I'll reply with it tomorrow morning.

Price update!


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