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[IC] Wink - Metal sculpture keycaps - Capzine Program Vol.2

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 We want this cute face on your keyboard !!!
Wink was inspired by the idea of adding a personality to your keyboard to emphasize its affinity and playfulness. ;)

The ergonomic wave groove design on the space key features defined edges for an accentuated sense of touch and a "dip" as you press.

Profile: Cherry R1 for eye and nose, Cherry R2 for mouth
Materials: Baking paint on CNC sculptured AluminumFor more information or question, come to join my Discord  ;)12/13/2022 : photo of the prototype coming soon

Guys , Any feedback?

They are cute!  I will in for all.

awe man, something like for the arrow keys would be amazing.


--- Quote from: c0d3r on Tue, 29 November 2022, 14:20:02 ---They are cute!  I will in for all.

--- End quote ---
Yeah, Come to the discord ;)


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