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Frogboard60 // New IC (In stock buy coming soon)

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Hey, it's fish

The boards already arrived in stock. The sale will begin in the next 3 days!

Still join my discord to know exactly when the buy goes live!

I know it has been a while and alot of stuff happened in my personal life thats why it took so long.
But the Frogboard is back. With a finaly finished design and alot of prototypes the board will soon also be able to
be held in your hands.
For those who are new or forgot about the project.
It is a 60% Case made out of ABS plastic, it has the standart pok3r standoffs so that all normal 60% PCBs and Plates will work.
Also it looks like a frog thats like the whole point, also the corners got rounderr lol shoutout gbenz


I never realized I took alot of pictures of prototypes but never really shared them anywhere, idk how that happened.
I am very rarely on geekhack and never saw the late replies to my post but they really cheered me up alot and I hope there is still interest in this project.


Thank you, here are ways you can keep up with the project. A website will be added soon too.

Imagine tray mount in 2023  :-X

You might get more interest with o-ring mount.


--- Quote from: yicaoyimu on Wed, 30 November 2022, 15:42:33 ---Imagine tray mount in 2023  :-X

You might get more interest with o-ring mount.

--- End quote ---

Or you can let people do what they want, lol

Frogs and keyboards have been proven to be a great match!

froge gud


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