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Interest check for raised legend 'ninja' style keycaps

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so these will be be molded into the side of the keys and not sticker?

I'd be down for a set

If theres a Poker set, Im definitely in, if the price isn't stratospheric.

Yes thats correct, the legend will be in the same part as the key as a single injection mold. Keycaps would be poker compatible, you will just have some extra ones. Still working out some of the details on design to try to keep the cost down. I had originally thought 104 set for highest compatibility, but that might get shaved down to an 87, or even 37 if the price is too high. Since a new mold will need to be made for each key, obviously the more molds that need to be made the more it will cost. Hopefully I'll have some quotes by the end of the day.

I would be in for a full set of these with white text on black keys, or black text on white keys.


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