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Doubleshot RGB Set from SP (Orders Only)

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--- Quote from: litster;374577 ---To help stimulate our economy, please order 5 sets for me please.  Thank you Noodles for organizing another group buy!
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5 sets!!!

Only 1 for me.

Actually, 2 for me, and 3 for lopan.  lopan and I work together in the same city, so we can share shipping.  It is bad to have a friend close by who is also crazy about keyboards.  Bad influence!


--- Quote from: 7bit;374566 ---You can have them for $6 in Round 4 (presumably shipping in Spring 2012), if 25 are ordered.

Nevertheless,  I'm in for 1 set. (I bet they can be shipped along with my Round 3 keys, if at all)
--- End quote ---

exactly, I was going to wait for Round 4v but the wait time is ridiculous. The wait time for me is 3 weeks for production and then shipped to me.

-updated with color book thing

i'll take a set, i'll consider two if we near 100

Thanks for posting the colors. I'm cool with them though I would prefer VCM over VCS for the shift keys. Or does VCS/VCM mean somewhere in between?


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