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Steelseries 6Gv2 Interest Check

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Would anyone be interested in 6Gv2s for around $70 shipped? This is still tentative, but if there is enough interest I will commit. These are BNIB.

Bah, clarification, that's ~$70 within the CONUS.

a more than fair price (MSRP is $99) for a solid board for anyone wanting to try Cherry Blacks (makes an amazing switch for action oriented games), can't say I have a need for a second one though :P

=O How's this possible?!?!

Steelseries aperiodically have discount codes for their products, sometimes 30% off, sometimes 40% off. Someone who is not hurried in getting this board could probably wait for a 40% off code, that will make it about $67 shipped, but no guarantee that this will happen. However, I should say $70 shipped has already been a very good price for this board.

i would if i don't already own a 6gv2. Tempting price :(


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