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Portal Function + Esc 13 Key PBT Dye Sublimated key group buy (Discussion THREAD)

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svg is vector graphics. You can scale it up to an unlimited size without running into pixelation issues. Usually printing companies require svg files to print.

I could make a svg file if u want, as this seem to be an interesting key. But for now.. dinner first! :dance:

EDIT: all the portal icons looks like it'll be great on a keyboard. Especially the companion cube!!

I gave it a try, but do not know the requirements that SP will ask for. Actually the icons you posted might be more suited to make it.

Here it goes :

omg they look so awesome!! man..i would be so down to get all of them and use them to replace my f-keys. :D

on a slightly unrelated note, does anyone know where i could possibly find this keycap? [ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 26036[/ATTACH] it was apparently a limited edition cap that came with leopold boards. it's actually what got me thinking about portal keycaps :D

thanks, ichitz! :D

I like the idea :D


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