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[CLOSED!] Filco AND Leopold Compatible Spacebars [CLOSED! Order thread up!]

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I just sent an email out to SP and figured I would check in here as well.

There has been quite a bit of interest in a spacebar which will fit the multitude of stabilizers, and most specifically Leopold+Filco at the same time, and I decided that there should probably be some action in making them get here faster. Group Buy 4 has some hinting that they may be possible but with how long that may take this might be a good opportunity for people to get what they want.

If SP gets back to me and says that it is possible, at a reasonable price (under $5), I will go ahead and initiate a Group Buy for them. If, however, they say it is not possible then I will go ahead and make another inquiry into the pricing behind Leopold spacebars. The biggest problem with Leopolds is their damn spacebar (in my opinion at least) I would kind of like to work towards fixing that.

My initial concept is to stick with Black only.

If you are interested, state so in a reply to this (I don't really want PM's in the Interest Check stage) and if we have enough weight behind it we can get this thing rolling.

The Image I sent SP was this one, coming from Imsto's GB for the keycap sets.
[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 28805[/ATTACH]


I have been working with Melissa at SP for the past few days and we have finished the measurements for a new 6stem spacebar that will fit BOTH a Leopold AND a Filco. The design time will be a little over 3 weeks and after that production will take 3 weeks. With this, it will not be worthwhile to create an order page just yet. We can, however, use this time to create interest in different colors and spread interest to other websites (OCN/Deskthority) so we can increase orders, and in turn, decrease prices.

Feel free to voice your opinions of colors; the ones I already intended on doing would be Black and White (as pure of white as possible) so if there is anything else you guys would like just let me know in this thread.


I am not familiar with, nor do I frequent, other keyboard-enthusiast websites. However, I feel that with a buy like this our best way to increase orders, and in turn lower prices, is to reach out and promote it. Therefore, I request that anybody who IS familiar with those sites promote this thread, or buy, in a polite manner. This buy represents a new product, rather than a new style, of keycap and in my mind should be received well at other places.

This is a noble cause.  Hopefully it's feasible.

If this doesnt go through I would be up for modifying spacebars to fit Leopold's if people wanted. I already have a jig all made up from when I modified one for my SteelSeries 7G.

Are Leopold and Noppoo Choc Pro the same spacing?  If not, i can provide measurements for Noppoo.  I'm ASSuming that you are also going to have them include the offset center post for Cherry boards.

My initial intentions were to gauge what SP had in their bag of tricks. I am not familiar with the spacebars of Cherry and Noppoo so I cannot be sure about those.


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