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[Order Thread] Phantom Kit Signature Doubleshot Keycaps [Now in Smaller Portions]

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NOTE: Things are now consolidated! Only four keys (1.25x and 1x in pairs) will be used. Also, there are now only two color options: Yellow or Gray.

Can't have an awesome new keyboard without some signature keycaps, right? Yea, thats what we thought too. This buy, consisting of two sizes in two separate kits, will be in conjunction with the special "Phantom" keyboard kit that is being made in several different threads at the moment. The cap's design is based on the logo provided in the original interest post a few months ago and will be in White on Gray (GB3 Standard Kit Gray) and Black on Yellow (the exact color of the yellow has yet to be determined). The four keys will be modifiers (2 1x and 2 1.25x) designed to fit any of the new configurations provided in the "Phantom" Plates.

The Sets:

2 - 1x size Modifier
2 - 1.25x size Modifier

The Design Mockups:

[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 30906[/ATTACH] [ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 30961[/ATTACH]

The Colors:

WA on GX (White on Gray)


White/Black/Gray (Undecided, need opinions) on *Yellow (Black on an undetermined Yellow)

When ordering:
State the COLOR of the set(s) you want, the SIZE of the keys you want, and the QUANTITY of each size; there are no individual keys for this buy.

For Reference:

[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 30907[/ATTACH]

The Cost:

...Sorry! Don't have that yet! I expect at most ~$3 per key ($6) but with quantity that price should lower.


Canananananada: $6-10
International: $10-15

Note: This should close around the same time as my other buys so it is possible to COMBINE your shipping with the other keys for no extra cost.

How to Order:

[*]Post your order here.
[*]PM me (label it "Phantom Key Buy Order") your order + your country + your paypal email.
[*]If you are combining with a "Novelty Buy" then please state that in the PM or I will miss it!

This is a set so your order will be a quantity of the "Gray" or "Yellow versions.

I want this in yellow 1x caps to make it into an RGBY kit like the Rebel kits Sixty ran on DT. This would look much better than that star/compass thingy.

Yellow one would be really nice to match the RGB like Biniaris has stated

I presume you both want black on yellow but the question is what shade of yellow? If we can come to a consensus I will add it.

Awesome face yellow is which yellow? YY or YCH?


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