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[IC] Ahokore v2 - nRF52 Bluetooth Unibody Split
« on: Sun, 07 March 2021, 00:14:25 »

Introducing, the Ahokore v2.

Ahokore V2 is an integrated bluetooth, 36key, choc spaced unibody split with Ferris stagger. The bluetooth is powered by an nRF52480 Holyiot module which enables the FCC certified bluetooth implementation. The word "ahokore" means wireless in Māori, the language of the indigenous people of New Zealand.

The IC form to finalise details is available I'd greatly appreciate your feedback.

V1 has already been produced and is fully functional. A picture is available at Prototypes of V2 are currently enroute, and are expected to arrive later this week. They are in the hands of DHL.

What will the kit include?
  • A factory assembled Ahokore v2 PCB, with the bootloader flashed. The only soldering needed will be for switch pins.
  • 40 Kailh Choc white switches. The click-bar can be easily removed, to turn them into linear switches. Springs can be easily swapped, if you want a lighter typing experience. If you aren't happy with these switches, please feel free to sell them aftermarket, or save them for another build.
  • Bumpons, or PrimeKB feet. To be decided.
You would need to purchase the battery and keycaps yourself. I will have compatible products listed at a later date.

How much will the kit cost?
I'm currently looking at approximately $95usd, including international shipping. While I haven't yet reached out for PCB quotes, I have experience with this and can look at the proto cost as reference. I've also had other people send me their board prices to improve estimates. This will include all items listed above. I strongly believe that this price is achievable, and reasonable.

Who will be running this?
I'll be running this entirely myself, on an online shop based on bigcartel, using Stripe as the payment system. I did a preliminary IC to determine people's thoughts on everything coming from a single vendor, and the vast majority of people couldn't care less. When I look at the fees a vendor takes, plus the fact they will still need to pay shipping and import before redistribution, it doesn't make sense to have proxies internationally. If this group buy doesn't work for you, either due to import taxes or the general cost, please remember that all files for the board are in the public domain, and you are welcome to produce it yourself.

Is this programmable? How?
This board runs on ZMK firmware. More details about ZMK and how you can use it will be available closer to the GB.

When will this be available?

If you have any other questions, please let me know! To stay updated, you are able to provide your email on the IC form, or feel free to join the 40s Discord server and the LPKB Discord server, and grab the rank Ahokore.