Author Topic: [IC] iNETT Studio:SQUARE.X 60% Keyboard (Review and Build Stream Added, GB Soon)  (Read 58920 times)

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Will the USB-C cutout be made in the shape of a USB C port? Think Nathan (Taeha Types) mentioned that he was bothered that it was a square cut in the prototype.

I'm actually more concerned that there was a need to use masking tape to reduce rattle of the plate! Would that be addressed?

Yes, we have fixed the design so that won't happen on production units.

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Hey everyone! Latest update on the first post, GB coming up soon!

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Hey everyone! Latest update on the first post, GB coming up soon!
Hey would it be possible to show a video of the final prototype just so we can take a look at what the product we would be receiving would look like? For example with the fixed plate issues and such?

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This is one of the best looking keyboards I have ever seen, this GB will definitely attract my attention

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I know that im a bit late but any chanse for an EU proxy. Id be sure that all EU buyers would lovge this as it would result in a smoother shorter shipping and a lower cost. Anyways great design and good luck with the GB.

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Waiting for this  :D

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Hey there, the hotswap pcb layout confuses me slightly. Is it possible to have a normal sized backspace as there seems to be two keys with this: |\

Probably me being stupid but I thought I'd ask.