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Opinions on the Finalmouse Starlight-12?


The new line of finalmouse products could possibly pave the way for future gaming mice. 42g with a chasset constructed out magnesium alloy, "Godspeed wireless" and overall all the bells and whistles you can find on modern mice made for gaming. What does everyone think of this?

i tried with 4 friends to buy the mouse at the drop.
as usual, all the mouses were bought by bot after few second.

and this appen every time.
this company is ridiculous. every time they post on reddit "this time will be different", "now we know how to fight bot" bla bla bla.
they also has bad reputation on reddit. try to search some post in r/mousereview.

regarding the mouse:
they announced 37g. final weight is 42 grams for Small and 47 grams for medium.
the problem is that the medium is much smaller than a Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT (63g).
you have to add rubber strips to reach decent dimension.

"do you want to build the lightest mouse on earth? simply build the smallest mouse on earth :cool: "

Bots have progressed to the point that they can solve a CAPTCHA quicker than a person can.
You didn't have a chance.


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