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What your fav mouse?

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Own way too many micen. G305 is still best friend.

Logitech G9 (x): took a few years before I found out why other mice regardless of grip felt inaccurate in spite of massive sensor improvements: the position of the sensor is more towards the left rather than the center of the mouse. Pretty much all modern mice have the sensor smack dab in the middle. The difference to me is like controlling a pen with a normal grip vs holding it with a full fist. Yes you can control a pen with a full fist but it doesn't feel anywhere near as accurate nor are minute changes as easy and fast to make compared to the civilised grip  :)

Really a shame they haven't done a modern revision of the G9... wireless&updated sensor, I'd be buying a couple on release just to make sure I don't have to use a piece of **** brick like the G502 again in the next X years.

Back to the G903 for me. K/D went up 2-3 fold with this mouse.

Logitech GPro X Superlight GANG.


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