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Heres my work in progress if you want more progress then tell me you think its good enough for a shirt otherwise i wont develop it more, needs better colour scheme? (monotone for cheaper shirts?) and a better font for characters im currently developing it using inkscape and then rendering and added back ground using gimp so if you want the svg files just ask me as it will scale well

Edit: forgot i will probably take two one medium and one large

I'm all for as much input from you guys as possible.  Perhaps we can have members submit ideas and vote on them (or run with all of them if there are only a couple different ideas).

My idea was simply to slap the geekhack graphic from the top of the forum onto black anything more creative would be great.  :)

This one is pretty cool:

Nothing else I could find. I wish I was a bit more creative graphically...

While we're at it..

So yeah what do you think... Mr. Computer Geek :)



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