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Where to buy keycaps in Australia

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Hi everyone first post! :wave:

I just got a filco metallic blue cherry blue keyboard and am loving it.

I am new to mechanical keyboards am would like a few suggestions as to where to buy keycaps from in Australia as auspcmarket (distributor), ebay and such has little for filco.
This site is a little overwhelming especially the wiki keycaps section with so many keycaps to choose from!!  What sites can i buy direct from in aus or international that are recomended or is it best to buy from here?

Any particular threads here that could inform a newbie like myself? So I can start ordering?

cheers  Sim

Welcome to Geekhack and imsto just started another group buy.  Here's the link.  They'll fit your Filco perfectly.

Btw, nice avatar. lol

Cheers bro! What exactly is a group buy? The engraved gold on dark grey sounds cool.

Group buy usually consists of OP gathering all the info/interest, collect and send the money to manufacturer then wait for the final product to be shipped back, after that he/she would distribute the final product, which in this case are those keycaps.

Great caps and price.


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