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Show me your spherical keycaps!

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alright folks, inspired by a few pics ive seen lately, spherical keycaps have really cought my attention.

Show me what you have, whether it be vintage computing, SP doubleshots, or whatever youve got with sphericals!

Ill start... with my all-time favorite rubber dome board,  one that most people probably dont realize has spherical keys:
The Apple Pro keyboard.

they keycaps are indeed flat profile and spherical, albeit anly slightly. i always liked how wide the keytops were in relation to other keyboards too. too bad i cant find that specific key cap style for cherry mx switches

Hmm, favourite dome board...right... (:P)

My website is in shambles atm, but here is some of the stuff I have pics of ready (I have a bunch I haven't even open yet).

Bud Hall Effect Keypad

TTX Keyboard SMK Cherry Compatible Switches

IBM 7361073

Volker-Craig KB-4412

Atari CX85 Keypad

Heath-Zenith Linear ALPS

IBM DisplayWriter Keyboard

hey hey hate on that board all you want, but until i got my AEX2, thats all i typed on. its the only dome board i can still tolerate. mostly due to the shape of the keys and its sheer mass.

Kaypro II

--- Quote from: ripster;402311 ---I was complimenting it.

Never a more beautiful key has been designed by a college dropout.  This is the more traditional cylindrical shape in the AEKII - the apple disappeared in 2007.
Show Image
--- End quote ---

College dropout? Do you mean Steve Jobs? He was kicked out of Apple before that key was made. The original Macintosh keyboard doesn't have the Apple symbol on that key.

Edit: ...and you should know, because this is your picture:



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