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Group Buy 4 - Interest check for a CAPSLOCK Vim KEY

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--- Quote from: grasshopper;418060 ---I don't use caps lock either. However, I still think it's desirable for a caps lock key to be available because some programs set caps lock to on or off. If you don't have a caps lock key then there's always the danger that caps lock could accidentally be set to on and you'd have no easy way of turning it off.

That being said, it might be possible to fix the problem with key remapping, assuming the PS/2 standard doesn't require caps lock to be a dedicated key. For example you could set up a keymap so that pressing ALT-GR + the Vim key sent a caps lock keycode. Has anyone actually tried this?
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You can turn it off easily with a software keyboard.

I would be willing to buy up to three of these.


--- Quote from: dvdhsu;419423 ---I would be willing to buy up to three of these.
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