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[ORDERS CLOSED] Leopold White Otaku Tenkeyless w/ Brown

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Quantity was limited to 4! I was lucky that there were only.. exactly 4 buyers. haha..
Now they are completely out of stock. Seriously, this is some coincidence.. If you don't believe me, go to this link and try ordering one:

And more good news for my beloved 4 buyers: LOL
I got discounts!!! It's not much but considering only 4 keyboards and that those were their last stock.. it was a good deal... at least a good gesture, I guess (I told them I will do more group buys later lol). :)  
I think now I can refund at least $10 back to the folks that had already paid.. if the express shipping cost meets my expectations.  
Anyway, this piece will be a rare one for a while since Leopold has no plan to restock their white keyboards for quite a while.
Makes me want to keep one.. haha..

The keyboards will arrive no later than on Friday, so I will start shipping them out probably next Monday (I have to move on Saturday).  
If you need more time to pay, just let me know so that I can ship them on different dates. It'll be heavy to carry all 4 to the post office at once anyway. :-)
Thanks guys! Maybe I'll do another group buy soon. :)[/B]

Anybody interested in Leopold FC200R WHITE, "Otaku"(blank keycaps) tenkeyless keyboard?
The quantity is limited and Cherry BROWN is the only switch that is available at this moment.

Price & Shipping:
Price including shipping to the U.S. via EMS (2~4 days) is "at most" $160 ($120 for keyboard, $35~40 for EMS shipping)
I will try to target a lower price, probably around $150~155 shipped. (depends on discounts, actual shipping cost based on package weight, etc.)

Payment Information:
$160 advanced payment to (as gift option or else buyer pays for seller fees) [/LIST]
Any overpayed amount will be reimbursed back to your paypal account.
In the payment details, please include your geekhack ID & order content/quantity

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(source: pictures from KBDMANIA, naver)

Here is a keycap comparison with Filco white:
[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 26145[/ATTACH]
The leopold keycap can be viewed as more to the light-grey side than filco's white keycaps.
And there is a very slight difference in profile as you can see in the picture.

I can also get blank RGB sets from Leopold for $10/set if you are interested. Special ESC keycaps are avaiable at $2.5/keycap, and Keycap pullers for $4/each. But you need to let me know beforehand so that I can order them with the keyboards.

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Current Orders
1. demik - add on: Red kbd x1, Red ESC x1, Yellow ESC x1 / TOTAL: $167.5 ...PAID  ......SHIPPED
2. reaper - add on: RGB x2, Red kbd x2, Red ESC x2, Yellow ESC x2, Puller x1 / TOTAL: $199 ...PAID   ......SHIPPED
3. feng - add on: RGB x1, Red kbd x7, Red ESC x7, Yellow ESC x7, Puller x1  / TOTAL: $226.5 ...PAID   ......SHIPPED
4. jpm804 - add on: RGB x1, Red kbd x1, Red ESC x2, Yellow ESC x2 / TOTAL: $182.5 ...PAID  ...SHIPPED

That is sexy as hell... too bad it doesn't come in the Red switches because otherwise I would be all over that rare piece of ass.

I'm interested but man, same price as the Filcos?  I thought Leopold is supposed to be less expensive. lol

Man, that looks sexy as ****. It's too bad the Leo's spacebar effs everything up. Thinking of this over a white Filco.

That is pretty nice no joke, but the Filco's quality is just supreme.


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