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Pics from the green Topre Realforce keycaps (verkkokauppa) ?

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has anyone bought the green key caps from verkkokauppa ?
 The picture is really bad photoshoped, the red A of the ReAlforce logo is also green. :D
I found only one good photo that shows a green key cap and that looks great, but i dont know if it's the same color.
I already send a email to verkkokauppa for a real photo but i'm waiting for a reply.

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The green is different from the one you show. I'm uploading pics right now from other people.

They look like these:

Not my pic nor my keyboard.

Someone here on GH made some pics but I'm looking for them.

Thanks for the pics, the green look's not so good. :o

Ask 002 has has some

Ok, i ask him. Thx for the info. :)

They took a photo with iphone they said, the color matches with the other pics.

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