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[Interest Check] KBC 104 ABS Clear Cherry MX Key Caps

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--- Quote from: nikonf5;420379 ---Just curious as to whether this is the same product that qtan has listed at the following link:

I ask because I was looking for transparent key caps [for a non-led kbd] or as close to transparent as possible with plastic and I found qtans link but he specifically calls them half-clears which is his way of saying slightly smoky or translucent.

I have seen "real" clears in a pic elsewhere on this forum on a Cherry Red TKL, cant remember where though and once you have seen that, you can tell the difference clearly as the whole switch under the keycap is visible clearly.

Looking at a backlit pic can be very deceiving and the pic that actually turned me away from the half-clears is the last one in this post where you cant see anything under the keycap except at an angle. [ins, del & up arrow key]

In any case, dont want to turn anyone away from this as half-clears are only a problem for non-backlit keyboards which is what I was going to be using them on but if anyone knows where completely clear keys can be bought, let me know via PM.

--- End quote ---
Yes it's the same. We call it Half-Clear keycaps in China, because it's not completely transparent.

Anyway, I guess the #5 Transparent keycaps I have for sale is the "real" clears that you are talking about. Here's the link:

Edit: Maybe interested.

Interested in two sets.

Another one interested.

In for one!


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