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I want double shots...

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As the title says, I'm after double shots for my Filco. I've come to the conclusion that the easiest way to get them (especially in ISO layout) is to find a Cherry and rob them. Can anyone tell me which particular boards I need to be looking out for? I've just scoured 10 pages of UK eBay with no luck :(

I've been debating selling the key caps off the WYSE60 terminal I have to help fund the purchase of another board.  At the same time with the demand I keep seeing for the DS keys, I keep telling myself I should just keep them in the event that I want to use them one day.  The issue is that some of the longer keys won't fit a standard KB I don't think.  

Here are the caps :


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Thanks Dude. Knew I'd seen it somewhere around. Unfortunately, there appears to be the grand total of zero UK ISO boards around with the magical 'H' in it's model number. Oh well, just have to keep looking.

UK uses ISO enter, yes?  Are there any other differences between US ANSI and UK ISO other than the enter and backslash/pipe?

There's a guide on my website too. Click my sig.


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