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White Filco with white KBC PBT caps?

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Does anyone have any pics of white KBC PBT caps on a white Filco? The only picture I can find is from imsto's thread in group buys. I just wanna see more angles to get a better idea of how they look.

I have white Filcos and I have a set of KBC's white PBT caps.  I just never bothered to put them together.  I don't think the bright white keycaps would look good with Filco's off white body.  Sorry, no pictures from me.

No worries:music:


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Are you talking about these keycaps?

It is on Qtans website elite e-sports gaming equipment.

hope this helps

EDIT: Personally, I think these look great, and I'm planning to get them in the future for my future white TKL filco :)

That bright white really makes the creamy white of the filco stand out.


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