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I would like keycaps low profile for 6gv2 Where can I find.


I would like keycaps low profile for steelseries 6gv2 Where can I find.

ps.shift right small many problems for me.

Thank you very much.

This would be a difficult task.

Keycaps from Cherry keyboards and new custom key caps from Signature Plastics (see 7bits group order thread) are lower than SteelSeries' caps. I still would not call them "low profile" though. They are only 1.5 - 2 mm lower than Steelseries'.
The biggest problem will be getting key caps in the Steelseries' layout: especially the "bigass" key.

what do you mean by low profile? you can make a filco compatible set of keys work on a SteelSeries with a bit of work. Id Suggest WAS because you can get the Extra keys you need.


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