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Dye sublimated keys with chinese legends?

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Does anyone know where i could get some? I know that signature plastics could do it, but that's a pretty expensive. And its pretty hard for me to figure out Taobao. If someone has any suggestions or some they would be willing to sell, that would be great. Oh, and they need to be cherry mx key caps.

Why dye sublimated?  You would be lucky to find a set of Chinese keycaps to purchase, let alone double shot or dye sub.  It is hard enough for SP to make latin language keycaps without mistakes.  You would be asking for trouble to have them make Chinese keycaps :-).  I have a set that has English alphabets in doubleshots with Chinese glyphs printed on from an old keyboard.

army group has Chinese keycap ses for Filco keyboards.

Shipping is going to kill the deal though if you are not in Taiwan.

I would contact QTan here on the forums , he seems to be great to work with and I believe is based out of China so he probably has the best access.   Another Alternative is to buy a CM storm for the keys and replace that with  English keys to resell in the US or Europe.

You can just buy my set from the CMstorm I'll be ordering soon. Once I have my replacement set in, I'll sell the chinese ones that came with it for $shipping.

'course they're probably not dye sublimated.

Edit: I'm sure I'm not the only person who'll do this. I mean, contact some of the people with chinese keyboards and trade them english for chinese keycaps.

I would be at least $200.00+ for them to make dye sublimated keys w/ Chinese legends.


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