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My dream keyboard


I have some requests for the geekhack community. I am hoping to find keyboards with at least some of these specifications, any help would be appreciated.

First off my dream keyboard would have a non staggered layout of the keys, either Cherry MX Red's or Brown's, no numpad/tenkeyless (smaller form factor) or numpad on the left side of keyboard, 6 Key Rollover or better. Extras would be back lit illumination and a low price (haha). The closest I have come to this would be the Truly Ergonomic, which I am considering getting. Do you guys know of anything close to this this?

Other requests

1. What are the cheapest keyboard with 6KRO and QWERTY for sale today? Including used keyboards as well.

2. All mechanical non staggered/grid/matrix layout keyboards with 6KRO at least.

Edit: posted on the wrong part of the forum... my bad

where do you live?


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