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UK meetup 1.5 - Info for next meetup!

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the pokemon kid:

--- Quote from: iri on Sun, 11 December 2016, 08:21:52 ---Hampshire is good, closer to me than London

--- End quote ---

Well there will be some organising in the coming weeks to get a meetup sorted up!

the pokemon kid:
Okay guys! Well here we go!

Please read the information and fill the form out so we can get this rolling!

Just saw this on Reddit few minutes ago, I'm in! It's only a 20mins drive away... I'll keep my eyes on the finalised date of the meet!


the pokemon kid:
Hi All,

Check the original post for the latest update!

We have got a Date, Time, Venue and cost! Check it out if you want to come along!

Looking forward to those who are coming along!


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