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In accordance with the site's Terms of Service, Moderators will not step in to mediate transactions gone bad, however if you wish to report something you see that is against the forum’s Terms of Service and the guidelines in this post, please do so via the “Report to Moderator” button. (Example)


Caveat emptor (Buyer Beware) <- Wikipedia link.

BE CAREFUL WHEN BUYING/SELLING ON THIS FORUM!, which includes all owners, operators, moderators, and administrators of this website, accept no liability and will provide no services to buyers or sellers short of providing a forum for member to member transactions. We highly encourage buyers and sellers to reference their own feedback ratings (geekhack trader feedback, heatware, ebay, etc) and refrain from buying from or selling to anyone but well-established members with a proven track record in buying, selling and/or trading.

Note that by participating in transactions on this forum, you are agreeing to the risks involved. 
If you would prefer to have greater security for your money or goods, please trade or buy from other webistes or stores that have multi-level protection set up instead (such as eBay, Amazon,, and other well-known vendors).  When deciding upon buying, selling, or trading on, assess the risks and take steps to increase your comfort level with your transactions by discussing all the details with the party you are trading with and familiarizing yourself with all legal dispute deadlines, as well as contacting the party you are dealing with well in advance of those deadlines to check on transaction status.  Please agree to leave feedback upon the completion of your transaction(s) for future reference.

Classifieds Rules:

Any Classifieds thread or post that does not conform to these rules may be subject to moderator action without notice.

  • Creating sale / trade threads in the Classifieds subforum is limited to users who have been members of the forum for at least 2 months and have 25 or higher post count.
  • Do not post advertisements outside of the Classifieds and External Auctions subforums.
  • Do not sell or trade engineering samples or anything that violates US federal, state, or local laws, including but not limited to: copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent, NDA, or EULA.
  • Use the Artisan Services section for any custom services, such as keyboard modification (including soldering services for sale), keyboard accessory-making services (including custom keycaps, wrist rests, sleeved cables, controllers), and the like.
  • Do not create more than two active Classifieds threads at any one time.  Close old threads once the transactions are complete (i.e., payment has been made and the item(s) have been shipped and received). If you have multiple items to buy or sell simultaneously, one unified thread is highly encouraged (but please avoid listing too many items at the same time). Only post a second thread if the nature of the items or transaction is significantly different from the first. For example:

    “[FS] Filco Majestouch-2 TKL [WTB] leather wrist rest” – 1 combined thread
    “[FT] SP Grab Bag Keycaps – trade here” – 2nd thread
  • Thread Posting Guidelines:

    • Title prefixes:  Please use the following prefixes for your thread titles, with brackets for clarity:
      [WTB] = "want to buy"
      [FS] / [WTS] = "for sale" / "want to sell"
      [FT] / [WTT] = "for trade" / "want to trade"
    • Thread Titles:  Keep your thread titles up-to-date, modifying them as soon as any changes occur, whether you have sold an item in your listing or changed your mind on something you are looking to buy. Your thread title must reflect current information precisely.
    • Classifieds Post Content 
      Only list for sale or trade items that are already in your possession.  Include clear photographs of your items (in good light -- no blurry night-time “potato shots”) along with proof of ownership, such as your user name and current date appearing next to your goods (digital watermarks added after the photographs were taken do not count). (Example)

      All items for sale must include an explicit price.  If you are unsure how much an item is worth, you may ask in the Price Check thread. If you are not satisfied with that option and prefer an auction, you can always list your items on eBay and similar sites. It is the responsibility of the seller to determine the exchange rate if the transaction includes multiple currencies.

      Trade-only threads/items do not require an explicit listed price.

      Shipping and payment terms should be explicitly listed (this includes any shipping zone restrictions, such as “CONUS only”).  Your country of residence / item location needs to be specified in your profile or your Classifieds thread, as well as whether you intend to use a proxy for shipping.

      Your item descriptions must clearly describe what you are selling or trading.

      Sample post:

      If you are trying to sell your spot in a group buy or take over someone else's spot in a group buy, you should do so in the corresponding group buy thread instead of in the Classifieds.

      All updates and changes to sale/trade terms, price drops, temporary price drops or additions must be done in the first post of your Classifieds thread, which you are always able to edit. They should not be on a random page in your Classifieds thread.  When you update your original post, you should also update the thread title to reflect the changes.  If you would like to keep a rolling thread that you use to sell many items over a long period of time, that is allowed as long as you keep it clean and up-to-date. 

      Old sales thread are a valuable resource for determining fair market prices.  Please don't remove useful information such as items sold and their prices from your OPs.  Please make sure your thread titles reflect what was offered in the thread, so that future users browsing old threads will be able to see at a glance whether they're interested in looking at your threads.
    • Discussion in sale threads
      All discussion in the Classifieds threads should be limited to direct questions regarding items for sale/trade, shipping & handling inquiries, or relevant polite and constructive comments about sellers (such as if you suspect a dishonest seller) and prices, and corresponding answers.

      Do not post any personally identifying information about yourself or other members.

      Any off-topic diversions, idle chat, and needless spam (e.g., "GLWS!") may be removed without notice.

      If you have some general questions about items for sale or trade, such as how a keyboard for sale is better than your keyboard, or why custom-made items are more expensive than mass-produced items, please make an appropriate post in an appropriate subforum outside of the Classifieds for that discussion and use the forum search function—there may well already be existing discussions relevant to your question.
    • Bumping
      Do not bump your own Classifieds threads until at least 24 hours have passed from the time of the latest post.  Any bumps made before the 24 hour window are subject to removal. You should not bump other members’ Classifieds posts via explicit bumps or friendly chatter, and such posts are subject to removal.
  • Approval
    Please report your thread to the moderators after creation. This will bring it to our attention and prompt a quicker response to approve the thread.
  • Auctions
    Conducting auctions is not allowed in the Classifieds subforum.  We lack appropriate software infrastructure and legal means to maintain auctions and ensure fair terms for everyone.  If you wish to sell your items as auctions, please use appropriate sites, such as eBay.  You may link your external auctions in the External Auction Links subforum.
  • No Price or "interest" check threads may be created on the Classifieds subforum.  Please use the appropriate stickied threads for that purpose as well as the Interest Checks subforum.
  • Vendors - Do not promote your goods on this subforum.
  • A note about making profit on reselling goods:
    The forum staff takes no stance on profit.  It is up to buyers and sellers to do due diligence in determining what fair prices are. If you are uncertain about an item’s worth, please ask in this thread.  Discussion about prices must be respectful and backed by references.  Any personal insults or aggression in price arguments may be subject to moderation.

Please report your own thread using the "Report to Moderator" feature after creating a new thread. This will bring it to the mod team's attention immediately for quicker approval.
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Updated: Added note to report for approval

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Updated to add another note - please report your own thread for approval :)