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GMK Rainy Day (round 2) Group Buy May 15th - June 15th

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GMK Rainy Day (round 2) Interest Check

Group Buy May 15th - June 15th!

About |

After such great feedback from round 1 and after more requests than I was expecting, I wanted to bring Rainy Day back for a round 2. I didn't want round 1 folks to feel pressured into getting another round by changing and adding a bunch of things to the set. There were a few changes that were needed though. But as always I am open to feedback and criticism and am happy to make further changes that suit your needs, to the best of my ability.

Important Notes:
- The colors will be the exact same as round 1. The renders may look slightly different though. However the final outcome should be identical or extremely close to round 1. I will have pictures of the real caps below.

Colors |

Base Kit:

Spacebars Kit:

Hangul Kit:

(NOTE: sublegends in render are not perfect. GMK legends are a bit thicker. I will either tweak this render or just ask that you reference my picture of round 1 keys)

International Kit:

Novelties Kit:

Deskmats |



Round 1 Photo Gallery (Courtesy of CannonKeys and my awesome Discord members) |

Vendors |

United States: Cannon Keys
UK: ProtoTypist
Europe: Keygem
Asia: ZFrontier
Oceania: DailyClack
SEA: iLumkb
Korea: Geon

Changelog |

05/10/2024 - Added Geon as Vendor. GroupBuy date announced. International Kit added.
04/11/2024 - Added ZFrontier as Vendor
03/29/2024 - changed 1.5u backspace from "<- back" to "backspace"
03/04/2024 - Added ProtoTypist as a vendor
02/08/2024 - Added windows caps lock to spacebars kit and renamed it to "spacebars+" to reflect the change. Fixed homing keys labels on hangul render.
02/03/2024 - Re-rendered base kit with homing keys and labeled numpad homing keys.
01/29/2024 - Added Chrome themes
01/26/2024 - Added hangul alphas kit
01/22/2024 - fixed unit label errors in base kit, added R3 1.75 "Control" to base kit, updated 40's kit in base kit, fixed secondary pipe key color, added 2x 1u and 2x 3u spacebars in spacebars kit.

Goodies |

HIBI Artisan |

Raw aluminum "cracked sidewalk" with clear anodized finish

Rainy Day - Dark (Firefox)  |  Rainy Day - Light (Firefox)

Rainy Day - Dark (Chrome)  |  Rainy Day - Light (Chrome)

Support the project with a Forum Signature |

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Join my discord for updates, support, themes, wallpapers, and the giveaway that I host when Rainy Day starts shipping |

Iíve shined both my latin and hangul alphas by now, itís one of my top 3 sets

ofc Iím in, please consider rerunning hangul alphas too

Great set nice to see another round
Please add at least 2x3u bars to the space bar kit!

Thank you so much for rerunning this!! Has to be one of my all time favorite sets. Always regretted not picking up the Hangul alphas kit when I had the chance. Also thank you for making it "Caps Lock" instead of "Caps". That was my only complaint for R1.

have you thought about switching to KKB? I am not a fan of current GMK mold and QC


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