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--- Quote from: dante on Sat, 17 August 2013, 19:36:46 ---I don't understand how 55g Topre is considered 'heavy.'  The 55g is a great typing keyboard but I wish it were heavier still...
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If you use them for several hours every day for a few months, your fingers will start to complain. Where as on a lighter keyboard they wouldn't. At least, that is my experience from using variable-force Topre vs. Cherry keyboards at work.

--- Quote from: demik on Sat, 17 August 2013, 20:38:19 ---unless the board has been heavily used and springs broken in.. there is almost no noticeable difference between "vintage" and new.

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There are those who have tried New-In-Box vintage keyboards that do say that these feel better
than new keyboards.
Broken-in switches are smoother than new switches, though.


--- Quote from: demik on Sat, 17 August 2013, 20:38:19 ---
--- Quote ---Vintage Blacks are fantastic.  Why did Cherry ruin this switch!?
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the placebo is strong.

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The placebo makes you THINK you feel some type of way.

Oh and there is a difference between gold and silver springs....and a slight difference between vintage and modern blacks. Gold springs are a bit taller and feel heavier. Vintage switches feel a touch lighter and smoother. But its VERY hard to tell when the caps on. Not sure if its worth hunting down vintage blacks but there is a difference. Lubing really makes it linear switches feel nice though hehe.


--- Quote from: jameslr on Sat, 17 August 2013, 22:44:22 ---I like the feel of thick ABS doubleshots better than thick PBT

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