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Studio Keebli [April 6th, 2024] | Hosted by UCSD Keebs.



Welcome to the Keyboard Meet of Your Dreams!

UCSD Keebs is proud to announce Studio Keebli, a Keyboard Meet & Anime-themed convention with Artisan Makers, Vendors, Keyboards, and an Artist Alley all in one meet!

Save The Date:
April 6th, 2024 - from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Price Center East & West Ballroom at UC San Diego, La Jolla California.

Ticket Information:
Tickets are free - there is an option to donate to be able to help support our non-profit club, but that's entirely optional and there are no benefits associated with it. Tickets are open to the public.

On attendance, if bringing a keyboard, you'll be provided the opportunity to fill out a keyboard card. There's also early entry for anyone who plans on bringing a keyboard.

RSVP Here:

With 30 sponsors and over a dozen Artisan Makers, as well as major content creators attending from all over the globe, Studio Keebli is slated to be one of the biggest keyboard conventions of the year! This event features attendance from Hipyotech, Taehatypes, and Tinymakesthings!


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