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I'm getting back into the keyboard hobby, which I haven't been in for a couple of years. I currently type on a rewired and KINT adapted Kinesis Advantage, and have also built a Ferris Sweep. I use a Dvorak layout and am considering Colemak, so I'm interested either in dual-legend D/C keycaps or blanks, though I prefer the look of blanks. Thick PBT or whatever. I also just preordered an Alice keyboard, so am looking for keycaps with the 2.25/2.75 spacebars.

Keyreative blanks have a bunch of color options in 1.25mm thick ABS. Their kitting isn't well documented, at least from a quick search. I don't use PBT so I don't know too much about blanks in that material.

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For blanks with alice support, can't go wrong with ranked pom, it's not abs or pbt but they are pretty well made and have that kitting support.

Thanks. Yes I've looked at Ranked. They have some nice Cherry profile keycaps, and that POM translucent one is pretty interesting.


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