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Boss wants m0ar alcohol,

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So, dat Tp4 be like, running around town druk lookjn' 4 mort drinks.

Very specfix, chardoney, ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff... scored a bottle at an indian restaurant, they use it for cooking.

Ughh....   hope he no want other stuff,   it is very difficult to  use sellfon' right now, then is negotiate pricing, and they talk in stupid code like they is 007, like please, you is a , I digress .

omg, they hagglging, ugh.................... sigh.. seriously, now tp4 has to find cash, it's 1 am,. ughhhhhhhhhhh.... driving to the casino.

You make me worry that you've lost footing in life ... more than usual.

Don't tell me you got drunk off of ONE bottle of wine? xD

What are you in Brunei?


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