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Desk Setup Refresh


I refreshed my desk setup over the weekend. Up until recently my monitor setup was a Dell S3422DWG as a main display with two AOC I2757FH mounted above in an upside down triangle. I enjoyed having the extra displays for work, but disliked how they were mounted and how high they ended up being. They don't have a traditional VESA mount, it was mounted via an adapter to the permanent "leg". It caused the mount to stick out ~4" from the wall. It was an eyesore every time I went into my basement.

I saw that the Dell S3422DWG was on sale at every retailer (I assumed it was due to them retiring the product) and used it as an excuse to get a match for my ultrawide and retire the AOCs for a more elegant solution. I understand that it's a "less than ideal" position for a VA curved display, but I rather enjoyed matched pairs of monitors and it's what I call a "reference monitior" where it's there for reference material so the color distortion is not a concern for me.

I removed the dual monitor bar wall mount and moved the top media/power box lower ~4" to better hide it behind the top monitor. I also removed the mount for the Dell, patched the holes, textured the drywall, and painted the wall. Drywall is the worst and I hate it. I reran two new HDMI and a DP cable. I remounted the wall mount for the lower ultrawide and the new top mount. I had to raise the top mount up ~0.5" after test fitting showed I measured wrong the first time. Now there is no contact when both are mounted.

First impressions:

1. No more bezels between the two top monitors and no funky spacing from the wall. It sits so close to the wall and fully blocks the media/power boxes as I go down the stairs.

2. There is a slight upwards curve to the display because of how high it is mounted, but I don't think it will cause any long term resentment or frustration. Not ideal, but not impeeding.

3. The top display is only functioning at 60hz not 100hz on my work dock. May be a driver issue, could be a cable issue, could be a hardware thing. Gotta investigate further, but the main display works at 100hz. *shrug*

Other things I am pleased with:

1. I replaced my OEM white-label mouse for a Logitech G305 wireless mouse. The dongle works great in my USB switch on the underside of my desk and flawlessly swaps between my work dock and my personal desktop.

2. Rerouting the keyboard cable towards the wall, then behind my audio setup, down the grommet into the USB switch looks much cleaner than running it directly to the grommet. A lot more wiggle room to scootch the keyboard around.

3. I rerouted the HDMI that goes from the TV behind the desk in the wall while the media/power boxes were out giving me a bit more slack and a much less tense cable in the wall. Currently it's in the Nintendo Switch dock, but it has mobilty to plug into my desktop.

Looks cool. Va doesn't have that much vertical issues. Should be fine.


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