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I got my Pro 2 off eBay from a guy with zero feedback, and I don't remember the pictures being all that alluring. I won it and I received exactly what the listing stated - a one month-old HHKB Pro2 in perfect condition, and it came in the original box! You never know, and we have fraud protection on our side.

I'm just saying though.  Got to be careful who's doing what on ebay.  You're lucky to have gotten a perfect keyboard from a guy with zero rating.  Heck, I got two perfectly new model M's from ebay  :D

Here's what Clickykeyboards has to asy on their faq:

--- Quote ---We also hear many stories from defrauded ebay buyers, who then try to contact the seller that mistakenly listed the item. On the auction marketplace, a fly-by-night seller can list an item for 7 days, collect payment and then permanently disappear the next day when there is a problem with the merchandise sold.
--- End quote ---

I could be wrong about the ebay seller though.  Might be using a webcam to take pictures


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